The Single patient use Spiraflow flow sensor offers maximum patient safety from cross contamination and the highest hygiene standard available. The Spiraflow is designed for use with the  Spirostik and the Spirostik Complete and has an ergonomic design for patient comfort. Due to its small dead space <16ml, the Spiraflow is particularly useful in examinations of infants and young children. The disposable design also means there is no requirement for an additional bacterial filter to protect the patient from contamination something that would increase both the resistance and the dead space creating a further benefit when testing infants and young children. The hygiene concept not only protects the patient, but because the Spiraflow can be inserted and ejected without touching contaminated parts its use also protects the user. The Spiraflow is packaged with a disposable noseclip made of soft foam material making it one of the most comfortable for the patient.

The Spiraflow is a single use flow sensor that comes with a noseclip as a set. This set offers a total hygiene concept that protects the patient from cross-contamination. In a standard system the use of bacterial Viral filters is required to prevent cross contamination between patients. Bacteria and viruses that settle in the flow sensor during breathing maneuvers at high speed and pressure, could be inhaled by the next patient. Replacing the flow sensor and the noseclip for each patient ensures maximum patient safety. The inovatively designed “snap-in handle” into which the flow sensor is inserted further enhances the safety concept, the easy insertion procedure and simple ejection methodmeans the user doesn’t need to touch contaminated parts, ensuring the hygiene concept also provides protection for the user.

The Spiraflow is designed to achieve and even exceed the ATS/ERS specifications for measurement accuracy. To accomplish this, the production process is continually monitored to ensure reproducibility in each and every product. The measuring characteristics of each production batch remain the same allowing simple sensor codes to be entered into the Blue Cherry Software for calibration and thus remove the need for individual calibration of each device.

The Spiraflow has a class leading low dead space <16ml, making it particularly suitable for spirometry measurements in infants and young children. This is further supported by the concept of single use as it removes the requirement for additional bacteria filters, which in turn would increase both resistance and dead space.

Spiraflow is a well designed flow sensor that combines minimal dead space, high measurement accuracy and maximum patient as well as user safety.