The Neumofilt Ergo Filter is designed to allow the patient to comfortably create an air tight seal with lips around the  mouthpiece avoiding air leakage during the performance of a test.

The Neumofilt BiteOn has an anatomical design with integrated bite block. It ensures an effective manoeuvre when performing the test and also prevents air leakage.

Both variants of the NeumoFilt are manufactured to fit perfectly with our PFT (Bodystik and Diffustik) devices. Both systems share a powerful high grammage filtration media with a protection membrane on both sides, making them are ideally suited to protect both the patient and the device, in particular the flow sensor and the shutter, from contamination.

Failure to use the Neumofilt may render the system requiring time consuming cleaning procedures to be performed between each subject test, thus saving time in a busy environment. The use of NeumoFilt therefore has several advantages: no requirement to disassemble and reassemble the device, no time-consuming soaking in disinfectants, no continuous restarting. NeumoFilt Ergo and NeumoFilt BiteOn are certified according to the highest international quality standards for bacterial and viral filtration performance.

The filtration media demonstrates unparalleled filtration efficiency without large increases in flow resistance.