In all kind of pulmonary function tests, the flow sensor, the essential and sensitive part of the measurement system, gets in touch with exhaled patient air. Exhaled air, especially at high flows which are typical during pulmonary function tests, contains small droplets or even mucus with all kind of different viruses and bacteria, from relatively harmless cold to life-threatening tuberculosis. This generates a high risk for cross-contamination between patients if no attention is paid to a proper hygiene concept.

We truly believe that the best approach is the use of disposable flow sensors whenever possible: this not only ensures that the flow sensor is absolutely clean for each patient, it also avoids the use of additional filters which make the test more inconvenient to the patient by adding deadspace and resistance. Furthermore, by eliminating the need to clean the sensitive flow sensor, the accuracy of the flow sensor is always at the same level as on the first day of usage of the device. We have started the concept of disposable flow sensors with Spiraflow which is used with our USB spirometer Spirostik and our desktop spirometer Spirostik Complete. We follow the same concept with the disposable Blueflow for our Bluetooth spirometer Spirostik Blue.

Whenever disposing the flow sensor is not feasible, because more components like shutters, demand valves etc. are involved as i.e. in body plethysmogaphy or CO diffusion, our highly efficient disposable bacteria and virus filter offers a high degree of protection.

To complement this concept, our comfortable disposable noseclip Softclip is the perfect addition to offer each patient a clean package. It comes either in a package with our disposable flow sensors Spiraflow and Blueflow, but is also available independently.