The simple HR receiver

The Pulstik adds a powerful dimension to simple diagnostic measurements, allowing the automatic integration of industry leading POLAR® heart rate information sent from either the Polar Strap Soft/Breast Strap or the PolarWearLink® Transmitter, The system uses the new W.I.N.D.® technology and 2.4 GHz frequency sent from the polar transmitters and sends this data via the USB interface directly to the BLUE CHERRY® diagnostic platform.

Unlike a standard full 12 lead ECG the Polar belt offers a simple and comfortable method of measuring heart rate, this has been shown to be particularly useful in the sports science arena both in the use of cycle ergometers and treadmills.


Pulstik is also ideal for follow up appointments where a a patients cardiological data has been recorded previously follow up tests may be performed with the Pulstik making the testing procedure quicker and simpler, allowing for the development of individual endurance and strength training programs. The long range transmission – up to 10 m trouble-free data transmission allows for data collection during the setup phase as well as the exercise phase.


BLUE CHERRY® - The powerful diagnostic software

Geratherm Respiratory is continuously developing BLUE CHERRY® to encompass the latest clinical advances and to further improve its use with helpful new functions. Some features include

  • Integrated quality control and measures according to ATS/ERS guidelines
  • Interpretation algorithms and proprietary interpretation graphics for spirometry
  • Latest GLI predicted values (2012 and 2017) including Z-Scores
  • Individually configurable reports
  • Long-term trending and overlay of tests
  • User accounts with different authority levels
  • Optimised workflows through interfaces with HL7 or GDT to existing Hospital systems
  • Powerful reporting including .pdf export
  • Complex and safe network installations with central SQL database

Making the Pulstik a key part of the latest generation of cardio pulmonary function testing and following our motto: Living Flow