The Ergostik delivers reliable results for a wide range of performance

The Geratherm Respiratory Ergostik represents the pinnacle of cardiopulmonary exercise diagnostics a powerful CPET machine used in a wide array of fields from simple fitness tests and sports medicine through respiratory differential diagnosis for dyspnea to the latest peri-operative diagnostics. At its core lies the superlight (<20g) Ergoflow flowsensor, offering patients the utmost comfort during the performance of the exercise test. The powerful BLUE CHERRY® diagnostic platform provides the backbone for all testing, analysis and reporting, measuring flow rate O2 and CO2 throughout the entire test. From these simple measured values Ergostik under BLUE CHERRY® enables the user to easily determine important ventilatory and respiratory parameters such as the maximum oxygen uptake (VO2max). Assisting the user to determine aerobic-anaerobic threshold values AT and RCP and helping to simplify the interpretation of data. Utilising the collected data BLUE CHERRY® uses additional software modules to create and adapt individual training plans for patients, especially endurance and strength training plans for athletes. The Ergostik is completed with the measurement of spirometry data such as flow volume measurement and MVV.

Ergostik is a powerful CPET (Cardio Pulmonary Exercise Testing) device for use with patients or athletes. Ergostik enables diagnosis of cardiac diseases, pulmonary diseases and cardiovascular diseases as well as being a powerful tool for performance diagnostics and preoperative assessments. Ergostik provides an insight into the complex interaction between pulmonary, cardiac, cardio-circulatory system and metabolism and offers a high level of diagnostic significance, because of this Ergostik offers one of the most powerful tools for diagnosis of patients with unclear dyspnea.


Intelligent determination of thresholds

The powerful BLUE CHERRY® software suite for pulmonary function diagnostic assists in the calculation of the aerobic/anaerobic thresholds AT and RCP (according to Wasserman). An algorithm and a large number of stored models help to reliably determine the individual threshold values. The thresholds and defined cut offs, such as the cut off for oxygen uptake, are important prognostic and diagnostic values. In addition, the thresholds enable the creation of targeted training plans for each patient (before and after a medical intervention). Individual training plans can be modified and new plans created something that is particularly useful for athletes in training allowing the creation of multiple endurance and strength training plans for each individual.


Leight-weight flow sensor

Once again patient comfort was paramount during the design process of the Ergostik with its light and robust flow sensor, the Ergoflow: The face mask has less weight, improving patient comfort during the test procedure. As well as being one of the lightest flow sensors available the Ergoflow has no moving parts and no electronics making it incredibly robust and less prone to damage suffered by many flow devices.


Flexible screen presentations

The power of Ergostik and BLUE CHERRY® is highlighted in the reporting facilities within the software. The measured data can be displayed on screen or in print to suit the user: Multiple graphical, tabular and interval reports can be designed allowing the user to choose between different data filter and sorting options and change axis labelling and data coloring to create individual standard reports. In addition, BLUE CHERRY® includes a bespoke text editing tool allowing lengthy reports to be pre-written and edited by selecting predefined and semiautomatic report texts, removing the need for additional word processing packages to create reports.

The base Ergostik system can be enhanced with the addition of external hardware options including optional 12 lead ECG systems, SPO2 measurement, Non Invasive Blood pressure, ergometer control as well as integrating completely with the powerful Ambistik ambient conditions module and unique CO2stik, carbon dioxide compensation unit. Ambistik automatically calculates BTPS correction by measuring the ambient temperature, pressure and humidity and CO2stik measures the ambient CO2 concentration compensates for these rising levels during a patient’s physical activity. Ambistik and CO2stik, two complementary devices helping to balance environmental influences and create a stable test result.


BLUE CHERRY® - The powerful diagnostic platform

The Ergostik runs on the powerful BLUE CHERRY® diagnostic software platform and can be combined with other products from Geratherm Respiratory to create a full diagnostic suite for cardio-pulmonary function testing.

Geratherm Respiratory is continuously developing BLUE CHERRY® to encompass the latest clinical advances and to further improve its use with helpful new functions. Some features include

  • Integrated quality control and measures according to ATS/ERS guidelines
  • Interpretation algorithms and proprietary interpretation graphics for spirometry
  • Latest GLI predicted values (2012 and 2017) including Z-Scores
  • Individually configurable reports
  • Long-term trending and overlay of tests
  • User accounts with different authority levels
  • Optimised workflows through interfaces with HL7 or GDT to existing Hospital systems
  • Powerful reporting including .pdf export
  • Complex and safe network installations with central SQL database

Making the Ergostik a key part of the latest generation of cardio pulmonary function testing and following our motto: Living Flow