Single Platform Software BLUE CHERRY®

The powerful diagnostic platform. Where everything flows together.

BLUE CHERRY® is the powerful central diagnostic software platform of all Geratherm Respiratory products. It is scalable from a small standalone spirometry system to a network based, fully integrated pulmonary function laboratory but always keeping it easy to use with its continuous concept of operation. Smart features ensure the quality of the test and make evaluation and interpretation easy. Very versatile configuration options allow adaptation exactly to the needs and creating reports with exactly the right information. The workflow can further be optimized with seamless interfacing to HIS-systems via interfaces such as HL7. All data are stored in a secure and powerful SQL database giving all options for complex network solutions.


Versatile diagnostic platform

Depending on the intended use, BLUE CHERRY® supports measurement, reviewing, interpretation and reporting of all measurments performed with Geratherm Respiratory devices: Spirometry (SVC and FVC), Maximal Voluntary Ventilation (MVV), Cardiopulmonary Exercise Test (CPET), Resting Energy Expenditure (REE), Body Plethysmography, CO Diffusion, MIP/MEP, P0.1, Rocc / Rint and more. This makes BLUE CHERRY® the universal software in the pulmonary function laboratory.

Although this variety of measurement options, operation is easy and following always the same concept, which eases the learning process. All important functions are easily accessible without limiting the functionality to also meet the requirements of professional users. This concept makes BLUE CHERRY® easy to operate for beginners and at the same time an important diagnostic tool for the advanced users.

Integrated quality controls

Not only BLUE CHERRY® itself has been designed with quality in mind, also ensuring the quality of the measurement results is a major aspect in its design. Integrated automatic quality controls (i.e. acceptability and reproducibility according to ATS/ERS) but also helpful tools during the test procedure like instructions for the patient, gauges etc. make it easy for the physician to ensure the quality of the measurements.

Flexible configurations

Presentation of measurement data in reports is always an important point, to get exactly the right information properly put together. BLUE CHERRY® allows a flexible configuration of all kind of reports and besides standard graphics and tables, also semi-automatic text fields can be integrated which fill itself with measurement data, but also allow user entry. The user always has the choice to print exactly what is currently on the screen following our “What you see is what you get” concept, or to get a predefined set of reports. Of course, besides classic printing, the reports can be generated also as .pdf – even automatically.

With its variety of settings, BLUE CHERRY® can be adjusted for any need. Besides all kind of configurations for viewing and reporting, also i.e. reference values, user defined patient information and also parameters can be configured. Furthermore, comment blocks can be predefined which ease later on the interpretation process.

Advanced work flow

BLUE CHERRY® implements a variety of interfaces. Of course, HL7 with different message types for transfer of patient information as well as measurement data to improve the workflow and eliminate possible errors through manual data entry. But furthermore, BLUE CHERRY® can interface to ECG software of different brands to simplify carrying out CPET tests. In addition, BLUE CHERRY® can also trigger different other medical device software and import data, i.e. NIOX Panel for measurement of FeNO, or seca 101 for retrieving exact values for patient height and weight from a seca scale.

All of the data of BLUE CHERRY® including settings is stored in a powerful Microsoft SQL Server database with all of its features for data security, safety and integrity. This allows to scale installations from simple single-workstation to complex network solutions, even over wide area networks. And in the case of network problems, BLUE CHERRY® also offers further database options for offline usage and database synchronization. This allows laptops that are connected to the clinic network to also travel to the community to perform tests on patients’ side and replay the results back to the network.